Woodbank of Estonia


Our motto is to try and use our valuable resources of wood and timber up to the smallest bits, as efficiently as possible.
Hence we can proudly say that our products range from buttons to beams.

Wood Workshop

Our stocks contain timber of very different characteristics and shapes. Processing this variety can quite often be too much for a regular workshop. That is exactly the gap our workshop and the skillful people working there are here to fill.

Creative Form and Detailed Finishing – these two terms describe our orientation and capabilities in a nutshell. Continuing old handicraft traditions and keeping alive the heritage of axe and knife work, our workshop, in its technical capabilities, is designed to provide each article with character and uniqueness.

Years of work and development by Valdur, one of the main pillars of our enterprise, has resulted in a wide and varied range of traditional or traditional-spirited products we keep in daily manufacture for our customers here and abroad.

Pearls and Buttons

Using original technology we use ash, apple, plum, juniper, hazel, cherry, buckthorn, oak and Estonian black oak, to create beads and buttons of various shapes and sizes.


Supporting structures of thick wooden beams, extra wide floorboards, working surfaces made of one wooden plank – we have designed our options of breaking the log, with these and other similar dreams in mind.

We also know how important it is to guarantee maximum quality during the process, especially when dealing with as rare a material as Estonian black oak.