Woodbank of Estonia

About Us

Every once and a while you must have noticed all those magnificent trees around you in forests, parks and gardens. Some of them are awe inspiringly old, dignified, grand or special in some other way. But have you wondered what happens to them once their time to drink the sunlight is up?

Meanwhile most of the craftsmen and masters of woodwork have experienced the inevitability of always being short of that one right piece - no matter how many one has stored away.

These are the sentiments which have inspired the creation of the Woodbank. Accumulating the variety of special wood and timber in Estonia, and processing it to suit the wide range of our customers from zither makers to restorers of old manor houses.

We keep in our pre-processing stock over 1000m3 of timber at all times, in addition to regular log material we also stock gnarled, twisted and other special forms of wood. Wide selection of local wood types like oak, ash, elm, birch, black alder, bird cherry, rowan, fir, juniper, apple, plum, cherry, hazel, etc. and black oak is available.